Best ending evah!

Sunday, August 21st, 2011 11:02 pm
delphia2ohohoh: (gleeful by me)
I'm going to try to do this spoiler free since I don't know who watched the Glee Project, if any of you, but I'm so happy with the outcome, I could just dance! I'm taking back almost everything I said about Ryan Murphy. I still think he's full of himself, but he came to the right decision which tells me that he does have some brains after all.

Strange to think that a reality tv show has almost moved me to tears, but it has. Maybe it's because even tho it was a competition, there wasn't the nastiness you usually get in reality tv. Of course not all the kids got along all the time, but they were refreshing normal, albeit extremely talented kids. They were fun to watch and cheer for and cry for and I'm so happy for all of them because I think even those who were not called back still had a chance to showcase their talent and I firmly believe that someone, someplace has seen this and is thinking "hey, that person would be perfect for my movie/series/song or whatever. I'd pay to see any of them perform.

This was a reality show that finally got everything right.

I wish all of them the very best and I can't wait to see the new season of Glee now!

Pure talent!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010 01:10 pm
delphia2ohohoh: (gleeful by me)
Amazing how so many of this cast have awesome voices! They have good mics/sound system of course, but it's live and no lip-syncing to studio voices. Some are weaker than on the show which tells which ones are being helped by tech more, but still, way better than a lot of what's out there.

Oh, and what's not to love with Amber tweaking Simon just a wee bit? *ggg!*

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