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1) SG1 is just coming on SyFy right now. The guide says that 'Maternal Instinct' is about the team trying to find the Harsesis child before the Apophis do. *falls down laughing*

2) Our DVDs at work have a big letter on the spine of the case, indicating where to file them on the DVD shelves. Many times, since people can take out 4 at a time, I will pick them up and be staring at a word. Sometimes it's obscene and makes me giggle a bit like a third-grader. And then the other day someone brought back three....that spelled out MFD. I almost laughed out loud.

In a similar vein, but not Stargaty, we use a 4 letter abbreviation for the author's name on fiction books. The new books are put on special shelves up front for about 6 months before they join the rest of the books. I was amused to see LIKE, LOVE & LUST right next to each other. :o)

I have shopped til I dropped, bought more scrapbooking paper and groceries. There's a chicken in the oven for dinner and it smells good already. The galpal is due at the airport in a couple hours. I'm going to get her. The navy work pants from JCP arrived and are a close but no cigar, so I have to return them.

And to end on a Stargate note, does anyone really know why Oma made Daniel think he could light a candle with his mind when he really couldn't? This has to be the most pointless episode ever.

My day off

Monday, August 3rd, 2009 06:06 pm
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I was mostly AWOL on Sunday altho I did peek in and read a bit here. I was feeling crappy and had a sore back/shoulder which left me unable to raise my left arm to shoulder height even, so I skipped out on everything, even Mass. I sat around and watched the telly and looked at some picture drooly-type books from the library. You know the kind: dream houses, gardens, cookbooks with food you will never cook or probably never eat either. We watched a DVD from the library too. I think it was called When The Rains Came or something like that. About a Brit in India who is doing his servant girl. Ho-hum. Can't rec it. The DH made dinner and did his own laundry while hobbling around on his bad knee. The brace he got doesn't seem to be doing the trick other than keeping him upright when the knee goes out which I think is points in its favor.

Got up this morning with back/shoulder feeling fine. (WTF) It was pea soup fog outside when I staggered to the kitchen for coffee, but glorious sunshine by the time I left for work. It was up in the low 70's today. (Bleah!) I only worked 4 hours but spent most of the time shelving so I'm frazzled.

No work for the next 3 days, so I'm determined to do some writing. And maybe go catch Harry Potter before it leaves town.

There's a pot of homemade chicken soup on the stove just waiting for the old guy to get home. Rumor has it my AWOL child is coming with him. Must need a shower and a change of clothing. :oP

ETA:I'm sure I've recced this before, but page 5, Pierce Brosnen totally slayed me!
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My tree is trimmed at last!
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