Saturday, August 15th, 2009 07:06 am
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Exactly when did the price of Bay Leaves triple? And more importantly, WHY? I mean, $13.99 for that little bottle? And the 'generic' bottle was half that but the leaves were old and gray and rusty = nasty. I'm not out yet, but you better believe I'm watching for a sale on spices. Dang. I use it in a lot of stuff, mostly my soups and stews and it's getting to be the time of year when I start making those more often. With my dietary restrictions, I need that flavor boost.

The egg-white cake I tried did indeed come out more like a pound cake and I'm glad I read the comments section and used vanilla in it as some of the others recommended. It was not bad but too much work unless I ever come up with a cup of egg whites again and have no other uses for it. The lemon chess pie, not so good. Maybe a different flavor would have been better, but we were not thrilled with it.

The cole slaw with apple and cucumbers was awesome as usual tho.

I was there!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 05:59 am
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Here's where we had our Mother's Day Brunch:

No sign of Oma or Daniel, but that waitress was the most pasty white person I ever saw...she very well could have been an Ancient in disguise! ;o) Oh and the waffles really were spectacular!
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I hate high fructose corn syrup. It's bad for you. I'm convinced it's a major factor behind the US's weight problems and mine. Pisses me off when I find it in things that have no business being sweet like spaghetti sauce. However, I've found two granola bars that taste good and have no HFCS as far as I can see in their ingredients lists.

First, Quaker Oats Simple Harvest: A little sweeter and I'm sure has plenty of 'sugars' but still, not so bad. Grain was first on the ingred list, followed by brown rice syrup. I've tried 3 flavors and like the Honey Nut best, closely followed by the Cinnamon Apple Cranberry. The Chocolate Chunk is good too, but with all the sweet, makes it less like granola bar, more like candy bar.

Second, Kashi TLC granola bars: I tried just the honey/almond/flax one, but it was great. Not so crunchy that it hurt my teeth, not overly sweet, much less sweet than the QO one above.

Neither are cheap. $4 range up here but they go on sale for 2 for $6 now and then and I stock up if I can. They come in handy when I have a rushed morning or need an afternoon pick me up. I give them the delphia's seal of approval, two thumbs up. :o)

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