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Animal planet will be playing a series of shows about Alaskan bear man, Charlie Vandergaw starting April 17. I can say with full knowledge that Charlie is more than just a little eccentric, but he's harmless and a friend of the family. My big sis has taught school with him and been a personal friend of Charlie and his family for many years. Right now he's in litigation with the state of Alaska because he feeds bears on his very remote and isolated property. See, here in Alaska, it's okay to feed the bears...if you intend to kill them. Some of us don't agree with that any more than we agree with shooting wolves from airplanes and gassing their pups in their dens so that our state can be one big moose farm for the hunters. I hope you'll tune in and watch and comment favorably on the website about the show.

I will admit bears scare the bejeezus out of me, but I appreciate their function and don't want to see them hunted into extinction. (I'd just like them to stay out of my yard!)
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Got this in an email from my SIL and it seems to be legit. Go once a day and answer the trivia question and kibblebits get donated by a sponsor to animals that have been abandoned by the housing crisis.
I've put it in my Firefox toolbar so I'll remember to go every day.

Lawn mower

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 07:57 am
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The DH has accepted the job of lawn mowing/maintenance here at our apartment complex to get our rent lowered and he took on an assistant to help him since the job is so big. :o)

That little square chunk on the top left is our balcony. Yes, they are honking big critters! Like the size of a horse. A big horse.
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What a day!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 09:46 pm
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In between the moose making the dog bark and the rain/hail, there was this in my backyard.

There's just something sad and ironic at this time about our National Bird/Emblem reduced to dumpster diving.

One of the neighbors moved out and seems to have dumped most of his possessions into the dumpster, overfilling it. We're calling the landlady tomorrow to see if we can get it emptied before next week on Monday when they usually pickup. The ravens and the neighbors dogs have also been into it and I'm terrified the bears will be next.

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