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I read, therefore I am!
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A banner year for my reading! Yes, plenty of shorter books but a fair number of longer ones too. I don't think I can pick one favorite book this year, but I will choose a favorite author as so far, I have liked almost all of her books. Rachel Aaron/Rachel Bach is amazing. Her Dragon shifter books are my favorites but her space opera under Rachel Bach were wonderful too. Didn't care for her Eil Monpress series, but that's a personal taste. I'm tired of thieves. She writes very well. Still reading about 50/50 on ebooks and physical books. I think the world needs both.

Too funny!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 03:02 pm
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I haven't looked at everything here yet, but I was chuckling before I got done with the first page. Think of it as a blurb instead of a book title, or maybe truth in advertising LOL! Twilight has to be in there someplace.

My Book List

Friday, January 1st, 2010 01:00 am
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I'm pretty pleased with the number of books I managed to read this year in spite of the fact I wasn't able to read one a week as I hoped. I didn't read any during NaNo as I find reading distracts me when I'm doing serious writing. Something about input vs. output I guess. Anyway, behind the cut you will find the title, author and a brief review of each book. No real spoilers as far as I can see. Mostly I just say what the book is basically about and if I liked it. About half of these were rec'ed to me by friends near and far and seeing what they liked that I did or didn't has been an interesting part of the journey.

I didn't list all the picture-type books I brought home to look/drool over like cookbooks and decorating or crafting books. I generally don't read every word of those so I didn't think they really counted. Of the books I read, I think the YAs impressed me the most and there are a couple of those I would rec as entertaining for just about everyone here on my flist.

And finally, I am going to rec one book as my Book of the Year and I hope you'll all go find this one and look it over. I will be severely disappointed in you if you don't. :o)

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A pissy little rant

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 08:52 am
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I'm pretty certain I'm not stupid. I read and re-read Jane Austin with perfect clarity. I can understand a whole lot of Shakespeare and that's not even English. (j/k...just making a point!) I've come to the conclusion that the works of modern male sf writers get rave reviews because people don't understand them and don't want to look stupid, so they are promoting dreck. This is the third sf/fantasy I've started reading because they were deemed brilliant by others and I've ended up skimming to the end out of pure determination just to see if maybe it gets better.

Maybe my brain cells are dying faster than I thought they were, but I don't think so. I've been reading SF since I picked up 'Space Cat' when I was about 7. I read sf like it should be read: you read and absorb details that may not make sense right away but will all be sewn up by the end. Unfamiliar names or items will be understood by context at least eventually. Most things will have a point, but there may be a few red herrings.

Not these books. Pointless. Full of rambling away from the real story. Sometimes entire chapters of stuff-I-didn't-need-to-know. Gods, I just wanted to take a red pen to the entire book and write why, why, why? over and over. And people think romance novels are full of bad writing? At least they get to the fucking point. (Literally, usually.)

They are all pretty depressing too, creating worlds no one would like to live in and maybe that's the point in the end, but has no one any hope for our future? And if you can't make yourself clear to your readers, then you have failed them. I refuse to believe I'm the failure.

I'm tired of this crap. I may need to break out my copy of Alfred Bester's 'Stars my Destination' to sooth myself.

Aside note: I've decided to track all the books I've read this year in a post that will show up on Jan 1 2010. I'm up to 10 full reads and 3 either dropped or skimmed to the end.

They go in 3's

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 11:53 am
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Taking a NaNo-second here to salute the passing of three authors in the past week:
Tony Hillerman on Oct. 26, Studs Terkel on Oct. 31 and Michael Crichton who passed today. All prolific, talented authors.
Now back to writing.

Ebook rec

Saturday, August 5th, 2006 02:24 pm
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I've started downloading this lady's books after reading one about Tibet that blew me away. Isabella Bird was a Victoria age travel book author from England with incredible stamina and a way with words. I'd like to rec this one in particular for those of you who love cowboys like I do. It's about her travels in Colorado in 1875. (She was in her 40's at this time, btw.)
Her story about meeting Rocky Mountain Jim made me think of Chris or Vin from the Magnificent 7 television series and how they might have ended. Vin in particular, since she mentions he writes poetry and has long curly hair.
I'm reading about her travels in Japan now.

BTW, the web site for Project Gutenberg is a great place to find books to read on your computers, laptops or palm pilot/ebook readers.

Just call me the ebook pimp. ;o)

If I could only Squee!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 07:08 pm
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I got an email back from the ebook pub house editor. They wanted my physical address to send me contracts to make an offer on the manuscript. I'm walking on air. It's hard being this old and unable to squee properly. :oD

Dang...wonder if there is an attorney in this burg who knows publishing contracts? Frell.

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