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2017-01-25 06:37 pm

Looking for a beta reader

Marvel movie universe plus SHIELD. Woke up from a dream/nightmare and had this in my head. Going to be several chapters. I have the first chapter of about 2,500 words so far. Any takers?
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2017-01-15 05:16 pm

Censorship...just no.

Had to take about 10 minutes to explain to a patron why we don't censor books just because they have graphic sex in them. I asked her how would she like it if someone decided all romance books had to go because they were silly or mysteries because they promote murder. She also wanted to know if we had that 'Huckleberry Finn' book that was supposed to taken off shelves too. I told her I was pretty sure our copy is in the juvenile section which got an interesting look from her.

I wish I had the nerve to tell her I liked graphic sex in my books but I really don't anymore so that would have been a lie...a really, really funny lie, but I like my job and don't need to be 'let go' without cause just now.

I kinda hope she comes back to complain to someone higher up because my boss gets to tell people no without fear of losing her job.
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2017-01-01 09:43 am
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The new and improved reading list for 2016

I read, therefore I am!
Books because books! )

A banner year for my reading! Yes, plenty of shorter books but a fair number of longer ones too. I don't think I can pick one favorite book this year, but I will choose a favorite author as so far, I have liked almost all of her books. Rachel Aaron/Rachel Bach is amazing. Her Dragon shifter books are my favorites but her space opera under Rachel Bach were wonderful too. Didn't care for her Eil Monpress series, but that's a personal taste. I'm tired of thieves. She writes very well. Still reading about 50/50 on ebooks and physical books. I think the world needs both.
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2016-12-31 07:26 pm

Here I am again

New journal since I can't get into the old one. Backup for my LJ for when it dies.
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2016-01-01 10:42 am

2015 Reading List

My reading list for the year and a new record. I credit too many hours in doctors and hospital waiting rooms and hospital rooms, plus many sleepless nights.

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For my favorite book of the year, altho there were many I enjoyed, I would have to choose Mercedes Lackey's 'From a High Tower' which is a take on Rapunzel. I couldn't put it down. It's not deep, just fun.
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2015-02-27 08:33 am

RIP Spock

I'm sure Sid is right there to greet him and getting the last laugh on me. Okay, he's yours...til I get there! *weeps!*
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2015-02-04 06:06 pm

Sometimes it's a no.

As many of you know, I talk to dead people. Frequently, I get messages/info/acknowledgements in dreams or while I'm meditating in bed. Today, I decided to see if Sid had anything to say. I fell asleep and after about an hour and half, I woke up realizing I'd been dreaming about trying to see a rock star at a concert. Said star was too busy to see me and all her entourage prevented me from trying to see her. I take that as a pretty emphatic no. For now.
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2015-01-01 01:04 pm

2014 Reading List

Good stuff and bad stuff this year. I tried to concentrate on reading fantasy & SF written by women and minorities. Some of it was wonderful. Some, not so much. I tried some ebooks that were written by people who self-published and I can see why they went that route. Some okay, some just barely readable. I haven't bothered to list anything that was so bad or so boring that I didn't finish.

Octavia Butler's classic 'Kindred' is raved about, but not by me. I was delighted to find a great series by one of my favorite fan fiction writers, Martha Wells. She has more stories in a different world that are on my to-be-read pile. My favorite Steampunk author, Shelley Adina came out with a new story mid-year and I've just discovered (and started reading) yet another in the series as of last night. Highly recommended!

Of the ones I loved, the YA series starting with 'Earth Girl' and the juvenile quartet about 'The Thief' were my favorites. Kudos also to the hysterically funny dragon quartet by Patricia Wrede. I wish they wrote more in each of these worlds. I also enjoyed another of Marion Chesney's delightful little Regency romance series. She has a few more I'm going to be looking for. I can also recommend the YA series of fractured futuristic fairy tales by Marissa Meyer, starting with 'Cinder.' You might want to wait until she finishes the series tho.

However, I think for the combination of both plot and writing, I will have to name "The Gate to Woman's Country" as my best of the year. Full of fascinating ideas, it stayed with me for a long time.

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2014-07-01 07:11 am


The only way to answer the Supreme Court is to boycott Hobby Lobby. Let's do it ladies!
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2014-06-11 04:21 pm

Yay it's here!

I've already watched the first 3 eps/first disc. Sigh. I miss this show!


This was my first real fandom where I met total strangers online who became friends (and some became enemys). It was the first where I shared my fanfics. It was the first where I semi-stalked my fannish obession. Okay, not much. Met him a few times, okay. Didn't embarrass myself too much either LOL. I'm hoping that enough will be sold so they will produce the other seasons. There is talk of making the other seasons a 'burn-on-demand' and I would be okay with that too. For those of you who are QAF fans, you should really see these to see Chris Potter in all his glory. He couldn't take a bad picture to save his life, he's so pretty. And no, he was not my obsession. I just call 'em as I sees 'em.

I got a real appreciation for David Carradine's acting chops from this show too. When he plays a creep, I wouldn't let him near me with a ten foot pole, but when he says, "I am Caine. I will help you." I totally believe him! I have never heard an honest explanation for the show's cancellation. At the time, it was one of the highest rated shows. However, a station or company got sold and it was a casualty. There were also rumors that Carradine wasn't exactly sober and that could have been a factor. I was very sad about his death and I still feel that there was a cover-up of some sort that tarnished him. In any case, I see the character in this show and his character's relationship with his son on the show was at the heart of it all.

It's a pricey set, at $50 something with the shipping, but it is worth every penny to me. I hope some of you can take the plunge and order it. "Come to Chinatown; ask for Caine...." :oD

And my obsession...the man with the big gun and the nose with presence. ;o)
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2014-04-21 10:02 pm

A hearty upraised finger

So, I'm reading a popular LJ community celebrity site and one of the little bitches says "The elderly shouldn't be allowed on the internet." What? Oh, I mean...wut?

They are warriors for justice for every single cause in the world: Bring down those bigots! Call out those who say and do stupid things! Defend Native American rights and persecute those rapists and pedophiles! But to hell with old people. Why care about elder abuse. Show no compassion for those who are aging. Fuck them old folks who clog up our roadways and make us yell so they can hear us. Getting old is a shame and crime and not something that will ever happen to us beautiful young things. Getting old is the worst thing in world.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

After the earthquake in Japan, a group of elderly people stepped forward and offered to go in help clean up the radioactive materials in the plant that was damaged. They figured it was okay if they got sick because they were going to die soon anyway and this way they could serve their country and save lives. This is true courage.

Beatitudes for Friends of the Aged

BLESSED are they who understand my faltering step and palsied hand.
BLESSED are they who know that my ears today must strain to catch the things they say.
BLESSED are they who seem to know that my eyes are dim and my wits are slow.
BLESSED are they who looked away when coffee spilled at the table today.
BLESSED are they with a cheery smile who stop to chat for a little while.
BLESSED are they who never say, "You've told that story twice today."
BLESSED are they who know the ways to bring back memories of yesterdays.
BLESSED are they who make it known that I'm loved, respected and not alone.
BLESSED are they who know I'm at a loss to find the strength to carry the Cross.
BLESSED are they who ease the days on my journey Home in loving ways.
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2014-02-26 01:21 pm

Free ebooks

My sister sent me an invite to a site called BookBub. They send you an email every day listing free/super cheap ebooks. Haven't started any yet, but I have two on my Kindle that were interesting. You choose the genre you want. Have to give them an email, but if anyone wants an invite, let me know.
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2013-09-30 05:42 pm

Dear Congress

You are all fired. Go home, do not collect your pay.

I hope people will remember this on election day.
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2013-05-18 06:29 pm

Boosting the signal

They are giving away a box set of the Marvel movies. I can't enter since one of my nephews is involved, but someone has to win...why not you?
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2013-05-07 01:08 pm

RIP Ray Harryhausen

I had the honor of giving Ray a lift to see the original Star Wars along with his producer. Sat next to him and listened to him rag on it for the whole thing. Afterwards, he asked me, "Did you really like that Space Cowboy? (referring to Harrison Ford)" "Are you kidding?," I said, "That man is going to be a big star!" He also thought his next movie would blow SWars out of the water. Sadly, he was mistaken about his "Clash of the Titans." But he was very nice even if opinionated and certainly a great talent.

Rest well, Ray.
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2013-04-17 02:03 pm

Join me

I have already called both my senators to express my displeasure. I hope you will too.
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2013-03-16 08:56 am

Is it too much to ask for an editor?

Apparently in their quest to make more profit, publishers are no longer employing editors. Or they are, but they've hired cheap interns to do the editing. This is the second book that I've bought from Barnes & Noble that I got to the end and said WTF kind of ending is this? The previous book I suspected was self-published and it was by someone who I know for sure is a fanfic writer. But this most recent one has the HarperCollins imprint. There's no excuse for this kind of crap. If I didn't have to rush off to work this morning, I'd be writing a really long letter to the publisher. I may do it yet.

This is all Twilight's fault.
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2013-03-04 09:53 am

Star Wars Rock-Interjections

F'ing hilarious, especially if you know your Schoolhouse Rock.